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Tiny Tweaks Life Bonds chit chat with Dr. Melanie Mills

Below are the highlights and time codes from our co-founder's interview with Dr. Melanie Mills.  In this interview she discusses ways to boost your immune system and overall health as well as why your core identity is linked to your core purpose and much more!

To watch the full interviewclick here 

5:13 - Tiny Tweak: Four square breathing

10:57 - Why it’s important to look at nutrition at both a macro and micro level

11:40 - Why it’s near impossible to be emotionally stable on the outside if you are nutritionally deficient on the inside

12:20 - What is parasympathetic vs. sympathetic nervous system and why are we all mostly living most of our day in the wrong one!

14:40  - About Tiny Tweaks fruits and greens

16:30 - Why I started Tiny Tweaks - shocking stats about the state of our nation’s health

19:38 - Tiny Tweak:  Let your story go!

21:00 - At our core identity of every cell in our body there is no fear, guilt or disease!

The three lies we believe about our core identity

23:00 - How our life programming affects our identity as we grow older

24:00 Steps to embrace your core identity

25:40 - Linear living and why we get stuck in this rut - What is linear living?

27:10 - How our core identity is tied to knowing our core purpose

30:42 - Finding love in our everyday lives and relationships

31:29 - Tiny Tweak: How to Trust Yourself to feel safe

32:48 - Tiny Tweak: Eating each day with intention - 4 steps to incorporate into your diet each day for optimal health

35:00 - why choose plant based or plant slant diet?

35:20 -  Tiny Tweak: Proper Hydration and why it’s so important to our health

36:09 - The secret behind true cell hydration

 36:47 - Tiny Tweak: The 3 day hydration protocal

 38:20 - What is the Ghrelin hormone and why does this matter?

39:00 - Tiny Tweak: introduction to the ideal daily eating schedule

40:49 - Tiny Tweak: the why behind fasting for health

41:24 - Important facts about intermittent fasting

43:00 - We don’t just want to survive, but thrive!

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