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Understanding Everyday Stress

Maintaining stability or homeostasis in our bodies is key to optimal health.  

Most people, however, unknowingly live in a string of stressful situations or thoughts that keep us out of homeostasis.  We all know that trauma causes stress, but it’s the sneaky chemical toxins and negative emotional thoughts that keep us in constant stress and out of balance.

When we are out of homeostasis, our cells start reacting and stop working together in the harmony.  They shut down, stop communication and go into defense mode.  In this state our bodies do not operate with the same energy level and our immune systems are compromised significantly.  

This downward spiral leads to a dis-ease in our bodies and we suffer.   For some it’s anxiety and depression and others it’s heart disease or cancer and everything in between.  In any case, stress is meant to be felt for short periods of time and then released.  

The long term effects of living in constant “fight or flight” mode can be devastating and extremely harmful to our bodies.

One way Dr. Joe Dispenza says we can know if we are in constant survival mode is if we constantly focus on these three things:

  1. our physical bodies
  2. the environment 
  3. time

Take time each day to quiet your mind. Forgive and be thankful for all the positive things in your life.  Celebrate the small victories!

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