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Justin & Amanda Leonard

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“Given half the chance our bodies will heal themselves!”

Good nutrition habits have always been ingrained in me since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until my own daughter started having repeated ear infections as a baby that I really started to study how much the food or “fuel” we intake affects our bodies on so many levels.

Although my pediatrician told me to keep giving her antibiotics, deep down it just didn’t feel right. I started reading as much as I could about nutrition and health and then, 4 years ago, went back to school at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn as much as I could. I heard testimony after testimony about individuals healing from various illnesses or diseases after simply changing their diet. I listened to countless talks from experts around the world about the importance of phytonutrients and antioxidants in our diets. I started to understand that our bodies are created to heal and stay strong and that the “fuel” that we put in our tank really makes a huge difference in our daily health and vitality.

I began to feed myself, my husband and my kids with a focused intention. I watched their habits, what they were eating, drinking and how they were feeling. I noticed patterns, but mostly I noticed they were their most alive, vibrant selves when they were sleeping well, hydrated and keeping their immune systems strong by eating lots of nutrient dense food.

I saw very quickly that keeping up this “intention” took a lot of work and life just got in the way some days. It’s really time consuming to shop for and keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the house, let alone clean, cut, prep and serve! :)

A lot of friends who knew I was into nutrition would ask me where to start or what was the one thing I would recommend. The first thing I would say is hydrate and feed your cells!

Our company Tiny Tweaks was created with two intentions in mind. The first intention stems from our desire and passion to educate and inspire others to create small daily habits that make big differences in their life and well being. Our second intention is to create products that assist in this journey.



Mini habits are very small personal behaviors you force yourself to do everyday. They are weightless, yet deceptively powerful.

In love and health,

Easy, Healthy, Delicious

Powerful products developed with intentional ingredients that have a specific purpose, to keep your entire family’s health in check.

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Easy Hydration. Mix it with water and Boom! Done!

Organic Ingredients

Worth Every Dollar! Healthy, Safe, Organic and Non-GMO Ingredients. Each scoop equals the power of 20 servings of fruits and vegetables!

Health for the Whole Family

Formulated to keep everyone in the family healthy and hydrated.

Healthy. Delicious. Easy!

Our formula is fully balanced for optimal health. It has everything for a better easy lifestyle.

Easy and Healthy





"Mini habits are very small personal behaviors you force yourself to do everyday. They are weightless, yet deceptively powerful."

Let us help you make a difference one tweak at a time!

Protect your cells!

Our cells are bombarded by toxins every day. Fortify them with a delicious drink that you AND YOUR KIDS will love.